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Monday, January 24, 2011

Studies of Viral Effect



What video can become viral?

Such a video, IMHO:

1) has unique content or features;

2) interests you personally (good positioning for target audience);

3) has appropriate name for search  (like "BEST EVER!!!"video crazy success);

4) resonates with your inner state (engages you emotionally)

5) has a lot of views (crowd effect);

6) is promoted effectively (i.e. mentioned by celebrity, mass tweeted, etc.);


7) touches upon some provocative topics (sex, drugs and rock-n-roll... kidding! but sex is definitely one of the most serious magnets for viewers);


8) shows babies  (examples - Evian, E-Trade)

This video has both #1 and #4 features for me and I really love it!

 I plan to write an article on most interesting viral videos. 

And I'll let you know when this finally happens!


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