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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ten Ways to Attract More Fans to Your Facebook Page

Hello Facebook residents!

There are some ideas how to attract more people to your Fan Page. 

 I have my own Fan Page in Facebook  
I'm writing about social media marketing, Twitter and Facebook tools and applications 
and viral campaigns' effect.  In less than one month I got over 2000 fans for my Page 
and I'm glad to share with you my knowledge and experience how to do this.

OK, these are 10 Ways to Promote Your Fan Page, let's start!

1) Suggest your page to your friends (you have this function as an Admin,
see at your left side of the Page)

2) After posting some info at your Fan Page share it and your friends will see this at your profile.

Ask your friends do the same

3) Find open groups with the similar topics and post info about your page (use search function)

4) Find Fan pages with similar topics and post comments with your Page
name indication (use @ before your Page name, it will automatically insert the link)

5) Promote your page via Twitter. If you do not have an account there, start using
Twitter! I have an account @jrakova with over 6000 followers and it really works!

6) Post Facebook Fan Page Badge on your blog/website and visitors will click the
link to come to your page. My Blog's name is Social Media: Ideas and Experiments
and you are always welcome here!

Construct your badges at Facebook Badges page (

7) Use Facebook applications to make your Page more attractive and interesting.
I use Facebook Fanappz to make quizzes (
and you may see my quiz at Polls/Quizes+ inner page

 I also use Pagemodo application to make my Welcome page.

8) Advertise at Facebook. Construct your ads, choose the terms of payment
(per click or impression), but do not forget to change and update your ads
because their effectiveness decreases over some days           

9) Write or find interesting content and place at your Fan Page
(if it's a long article you may use Notes inner page to place it).
Post info about this content with the link at different internet sites,
forums or social networks

10) Start a contest at your page. If you want to get more Likes make this contest
only for Fans of your Page. You may use FBML application for restriction of the access.
In such a case only Page Fans can see this inner Page's content.

You may see the code I use here, copy it to your page and put your text,
graphics or videos instead of my words.

And finally there is a nice article  from Social Media Examiner I found that gives more
ideas how to attract  people to your Fan Page.

Enjoy and I wish you all the best in your undertaking!